Timothy Brown

University of Manchester
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health
United Kingdom

TB’s long-standing research interests are focused on the control of circadian rhythms and the effects of visual signals on physiology and behaviour. Based within the Centre for Biological timing at the University of Manchester, TB established is own grouping in 2012, thanks to a Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) David Philips Fellowship. TB’s ongoing research activities combine large scale multielectrode recording approaches alongside intersectional genetics tools for neural circuit mapping and whole animal physiological measurements in rodents. These activities have contributed to significant advances in our understanding of the sensory control of the circadian system (such as the influence of daily changes in the colour of daylight around dawn and dusk) as well as revealing unexpected aspects of more conventional vision (contributions of melanopsin photoreception and binocular processing in the visual thalamus).