Norma Kühn

Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders
imec, KU Leuven and VIB
Lab website

Norma Kühn is a postdoc in the Neural Circuits of Vision group of Karl Farrow at Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders (NERF) (Leuven, Belgium). She studied physics in Leipzig (Germany) and did her PhD with Tim Gollisch (University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany), studying the retinal processing of visual motion. She then moved deeper into the brain to study how the outputs of the retina are used in central neurons to drive behavior. Norma Kühn is interested in the subcortical processing of sensory signals that drive our instinctive behaviors, focusing on dendritic processing. By combining in-vivo calcium imaging and viral tracing/manipulation techniques with computational modeling, she investigates how identified inputs are integrated along the dendrites of a neuron.