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Chinfei Chen

Boston Children’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School
F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center
Lab website

Dr. Chinfei Chen obtained her M.D.- Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School, Boston where she studied calcium channel gating in the laboratory of Dr. Peter Hess. After completing her residency in adult Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, she worked as a postdoc with Dr. Roderick MacKinnon and later with Dr. Wade Regehr (Harvard Medical School).

Dr. Chen’s laboratory is interested in how information is processed in the visual thalamus in the mature and developing murine nervous system. Using a combination of electrophysiologic, optogenetic/chemogenetic and imaging tools, her laboratory has demonstrated a sensitive period of experience-dependent refinement of thalamic circuits. Dr. Chen’s work aims to identify molecular and circuit mechanisms underlying this development process that gives rise to an exquisitely organized thalamic circuit.