Maarten Kamermans

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Retinal Signal Processing
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Dr. Maarten Kamermans is group leader at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and full professor at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He did his PhD with Dr. Henk Spekreijse (UvA) and his postdoctoral research with Dr. Frank Werblin (University of California at Berkeley).

Dr. Kamermans is one of the world leaders in outer retinal research. His fascination with the elegant manner in which sensory systems extract information from their surroundings has led to a wide range of expertise including retinal physiology, morphology, electrophysiology, information theory and biophysics. His exploration of the visual system is characterized by a highly multidisciplinary approach with a strong quantitative signature. His laboratory established how horizontal cells inhibit photoreceptors and what consequences this has for vision. Recently he focused on the retinal mechanisms involved in eye-movement control and found, for the first time, the pathophysiological cause of nystagmus.