Juan Angueyra


Dr. Juan Angueyra is currently Research Fellow at the Unit of Retina Neurophysiology led by Dr. Wei Li (National Eye Institute, NIH, USA). First trained as an MD (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá,Colombia), Juan's research started in the laboratory of Drs. Nasi and Gomez (Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, USA), where he studied phototransduction in invertebrates (scallops) and protochordates (amphioxus). He then obtained his PhD under the mentorship of Dr. Rieke (University of Washington, Seattle, USA), where he studied primate cone photoreceptors and how inneficiencies in phototransduction limit human vision.

Juan's work aims to understand how retinal circuits process color information and to discover the mechanisms that guide the specificity in synapse formation between photoreceptors and their postsynpatic targets.