King-Wai Yau

Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
Department of Neuroscience

King-Wai Yau is Prof of Neurosci and of Ophthal at Johns Hopkins Sch of Med. With an AB (Physics, Princeton, 1971) and a PhD (Neurobiology, Harvard, 1975), he postdoc'ed with Denis Baylor (Stanford) and with Alan Hodgkin (Cambridge, UK). He was at UTMB Galveston (1980-86) before assuming his current position (1986-Present) and as HHMI Investigator (1986-2004).

He studies principally phototransduction in retinal rods and cones and in intrinsically-photosensitive retinal ganglion cells, as well as olfactory transduction.

He received many awards: Rank Prize (UK), Friedenwald Award (ARVO), Alcon Award (twice), Magnes Prize (Hebrew U), Balazs Prize and RRF Paul Kayser Award (ISER), Antonio Champalimaud Vision Award (Portugal), Chanchlani Global Vision Award (Canada), Alexander Hollaender Biophysics Award (US Nat Acad of Sci), and Helen Keller Prize.

He is Member of US Nat Academy of Sciences, Member of US Nat Academy of Medicine, and Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences.