Gabriel Peinado

University of California Davis
Center for Neuroscience
Lab website

Gabriel Peinado Allina is a graduate student at the University of California Davis at the laboratories of Profs Edward Pugh Jr. and Marie Burns. He received his BSc in Biology at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, where he was trained by Profs. Enrico Nasi and Pilar Gomez in electrophysiology. As an undergraduate he spent his Summer and Winter vacations at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole studying the phototransduction cascade of melanopsin expressing photoreceptors of the amphioxus.

During his PhD, Gabriel has utilized the electroretinogram in conjunction with the intravitreal injection of pharmacological agents to study photoreceptor physiology in living mice. He is currently finishing two research projects studying mechanisms of light adaptation in cone photoreceptors, and the electric contribution of Müller cells and of the retinal pigmented epithelium to the electroretinogram.