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Marie Burns

UC Davis
Department of Ophthalmology / Cell Biology
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Marie Burns is a full professor in the Center for Neuroscience and Depts of Ophthalmology and Cell Biology at UC Davis. After completing her PhD at Duke University studying neurotransmitter release mechanisms with George Augustine, she did a postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Denis Baylor (Stanford) where she began her work studying mouse phototransduction.

The Burns laboratory continues to study photoreceptor physiology and signaling, as well as the neuroimmune response to photoreceptor degeneration using a combination of single cell electrophysiology, quantitative ERGs, in vivo retinal imaging, flow cytometry and single-cell RNAseq. Dr. Burns’s work aims to unravel the mechanisms that allow photoreceptors to signal over a wide-range of intensities and to understand the pathophysiology that develops in the retina when these mechanisms fail.